Thursday, July 30, 2009

Agyness Deyn....

Agyness Deyn out at Gemma restaurant in the East Village / 08-07-2009.

Agyness Deyn at a park in North London / 04-07-2009.

Double Date Time : Alex & Alexa / Agyness & Miles

Courtesy of here Agyness Deyn

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Makes Me Happy :))

I've been tagged by Sabila Anata, so i'm going to do this... 6 things that makes me happy :

OOOhhh of course. Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. The main functions of money are distinguished as a medium of exchange a unit of account, a store of value, and occasionally, a standard of deferred payment.

2. With My Big Family & My Boy Friend

3. Shopping & Traveling

Usually spend at Zara, Next, Gaudi, Forever21, Mangga Dua, and Perfume Queen Store. Especially if there are new SHOES and BAGS.
I also common in Online Shopping, and My Favorite OS. They're Vintage Boutique, Scotish Boutique, Wondershoe, Picalot and CandyFeet.

4. Internet Connection

5. I like Potatoes, Steak, Shrimp, Sour Sally, Cheese Cake, and Coffee

6. Listen to Music, Watching Movies and Hangout with My BF and My Best Friends.

and Now i'm passing this on to :

Sunflares Plethora

myrrh goldframe

the PetiteJessica


Come thrifting with me

Dance with me forever

Friday, July 24, 2009

@ Bandung.....

Nyampe Bandung langsung ke Blossom and disana gw belanja buat keponakan gw hahaha....

dloops lg Renovation, huh sedih padahal gw semangat bgt buat kesana ternyata Closed.

@ Katallog Dipatiukur no.1, gw beli Furu-Furu dari Fox, Bear & Sparrow.

@ Happy Go Lucky, wow surprise.... Ternyata disana ada Nikicio juga looh... Gw suka bgt sama Blazernya woow kerenkan hahaha....

@ Oglea Shop, cowo gw membeli T-shirt yg menurut gw itu keren bgt bajunya. :)

@ Paris Van Java

@ Sushigroove Paris Van Java

Go back to Jakarta. Huh melelahkan tapi tetep habis shopping pasti seneng dong biarpun capek juga..... :-)


Gw mau nganter cowo gw beli sweater di NEXT PIM2, sebelumnya gw mampir dulu donk ke sour selly karawaci hohoho....

Pinklicious Large with Longan(My Favorite), kiwi, and Almond


Ini sweater blue cowo gw, heemmm nice sweater hohoho....

Setelah dari PIM2 kita langsung makan steak di Qsmokehouse Factory Panglima Polim.

Gw minum Lemon Squash and My BF Iced Green thai tea

Smoked Chicken & Cheddar

Q Barbequed Steak