Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrity Smokers...!!!!!!!!!

Agyness Deyn

Angelina Jolie

Avril Lavigne

Amy Winehouse

Ashley Olsen
Ashton Kutcher

Brad Pitt

Brian Mcfadden

Britney Spears

Brittany Murphey

Cameron Diaz

Charley Uchea

Charlotte Church

Christina Ricci

Courtney Love

Gisele Bundchen

"90210" Shanae Grimes

Jennifer Lopez

Katherine Heigl

Kirsten Dunst

Kate Moss

Lily Allen
Lindsay Lohan

Mary Kate Olsen
Melanie Griffith
Mischa Barton

Nicky Hilton

Samantha Ronson
Sienna Miller


  1. cool! but not good for your lung in the next few years beib ;p

  2. NO WAY! Even Heigl and Dunst too... too bad (LOL - i judge them by their faces, stupid me)

  3. Thyrza and Claradevi : I agree with you. Not good for health. And Thanks for your comment.

  4. Wow!! a lot of celebrity smokers out there.. btw I think Shenae Grimes stars in 90210 instead of Gossip Girl 'rite??

  5. Dotie : Hahaha... thanks for the error correction and I think I write the wrong. Thanks you girl....

  6. problem!
    hey it was an honest mistake..;p

  7. Dotie : Thanks you girl. Nice to know you....

  8. posting kali ini keren, tapi kalo pendapat gw kayaknya ngerokok itu nggak penting banget, buat para perokok sadar nggak kalo mereka ini seperti orang bodoh, apa namanya kalo bukan bodoh? masa mereka menghisap terus mengeluarkan asap dari rokok , gunanya apa gitu???

    Sorry ya kok jadi CUR-COL gini abis gw nggak suka banget sama perokok apalagi cewek, IT'S BIG NO..NO..

  9. Tara : Aduuuh sabar buuu tenang2 cooling down hehehe.... Biarkan saja mereka yg akan merasakan akibatnya sendiri kok hehehe... Thanks Tara for your comment hohoho....

  10. Ugh, I dislike smoking.

  11. Beki : Thank you Beki for your comment

  12. sigh, i hate smoke. i love olsens tho.

  13. hoeeee ngak suka banged sama rokok.. paling anti deh, soalnya suka sesek napas cium bau rokok.hahaha. penyakit penyakit. ckckck..
    aaaa too bad ,, mary kate & ashley jg?? =(

  14. They're young and they have all the money in the world, why shouldn't they smoke? I hope they'll eventually quit when they're pregnant and have a baby (in Britney's case...well, it's the same person who shaved her hair bald and attacked a car with an umbrella, what do you expect?)

  15. Onic : Thnks again hehehe...

    Jessica : Yeahh bagi mereka rokok itu udah kebutuhan hohoho....

    Babalisme : Thanks for your comment. I hope they have to know all the consequences.But it maybe difficult for them because it needs. Right??? hohoho...

  16. totallu owkay vow me!

    of course dear

    maaf ya lama balesnya, baru nyampe jakarta =)

  17. man i cant believe half these people smoke! disappointing!
    thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    much love from Ireland xx

  18. BAD !
    Aku dulu pernah nanya mamanya temen aku yang sering bangeet ngerokok . Aku tanya , ko suka banget sih ngerokok kan bauuuu
    Nah kan mamanya dah agak tua yaa . Dia bilang kalo ngerokok tuh bagi dia kaya cemilan .
    Aku tanya lagi kenapa ga yang lain aja yg bisa "dimakan"
    Trus dia jawab kalo coklat ntar gula , permen bikin gigi rusak , kopi juga ga bagussss.
    aku dalam hati " And you think smoking is healthy ?? "

  19. lol i think majority of the celebrities smoke! in fact very few are non-smokers.

    di indo juga sama..bahkan artis2 yg lo..hehe

  20. definitely not COOL for your health

  21. Yess,,almost all the celebrity are a just too bad..
    I really hate smoke!!

    anw,,nice post..I like it..
    where did U find all those pics?googling? ;)

  22. Vorega : Ok no problems dear. Thanks for your comment.

    Vik : Wow... Thanks again for your comment.

    Sabila : Really??? Hahaha... You're very funny story bebz....

    Wina & yhzkyl : I agree with U. Thx for your comments.

    Fika : Yeah sure. I found the image in google.

  23. lovely blog. (: would you mind exchanging blog links?

  24. Wynne Prasetyo : Thx for your comment girl. Of course...

  25. Hi :)
    Thanks again for the comment linked you on my blog now too! xx

  26. aku baru mau masuk nih, ambil hukum. hehe oh FK 2006 ya? cici ku jg 2006 tp mene sih. (:
    makasii ku link di blog ku jg ya (:

  27. eh lupaa. nih link blog ku

  28. Vik : Hei.... Nice to know you girl....

    Wynne Prasetyo : Ok wynne thanks yah salam buat cece mu. UPH festival dateng dooong pasti hehehehe....

  29. i dont really care hahaha :P dont get me wrong.. but its their body.. who are we to judge?

  30. Carol : That's right. I don't care with them because my friends are doing like that. So no problem for me and has become a regular thing. Thanks carol for your comment.

  31. i thing... they are cool!!! hahaaa..
    but if i see Indonesian gurl smoke like them, i thing that is not good, veryyy not good... haha...

  32. Wow. I would have never guessed. :O
    I was surprised with Heigl and Diaz.
    I personally don't like smoking though. :)

  33. Margaret : thanks for your comment beib...

  34. Smoking is not healthy for their health. But, hey all of us have different perception right? Maybe they feel so tense with their job and decided to smoke to release their stress. And I'm not a smoker too tough :] love ur blog!

  35. Mereka emg kelihatan keren megang rokok di tangan mereka. but, it's not good for health. what's the point of being cool if in the end, we damage our own body? right? anw, nice posting girl. I'm passing by sabila's blog & saw yours. So, decided to visit yours. Hehe! :D & one more thing, I adore your setyle. Hehehe :D

  36. Susan And wiwin winona Salim : Thanks for your comments.

  37. Charmaeneli : Thanks for you comment bebz...

  38. smoking is bad...but sometimes we all need a cigarette i think...


  39. June : thanks you for your comment June....

  40. Omg some of them are such a surprise:O

  41. seems that it's now normal to see girls smoke. I know it's not good but I think they could be stressed. and smoking is famous as a 'stress reliever'. most of my friends smoke because they are stressed too. haha

    But I myself WOULD NEVER EVER tough a ciggy. not even once in my life.

    I'm loving your blog by the way. mind if we exchange links ?

  42. Kalo liat gambar2 diatas sehhh menurut gw kerennnn aja liatnya heheheh setidak2nya mereka celeb, merokok jd life-style.
    Tapi gw sebagai cw kayanya engga memilih utk ngeroko heheheh soalnya gw mikirin masa dpan kesehatan gw.
    Gw juga ga mw pasangan hidup gw ngeroko.
    Tapi ngeroko ato engga itu hak asasi. Manusia bebas memilih khannn
    Salam kenal,,, nice blog :)

  43. menurut gambar sih keren..tapi menurut perilaku sih ga bagus di contoh.merokok kan berbahaya bagi semuanya :)


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