Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best Fashion Pictures

Hey blogger... I'm come back again... and now I want to show pictures of fashion which I think is very beautiful and Here you can choose according to your favorite photos, and Why you choose it ??? HAVEFUN GUYS.....!!!!!
1. White Tanktop
2. Millitary Jacket
3. Jumpsuit
4. Shredded Top
5. High Waist
6. Blue Stripes
7. Coco Chanel
8. T-shirt And Skirt
9. Purple Mini Skirt
10. Sequin Skirt
11. Flower Dress
12. Leopard And Jeans
13. Feminin Girl
14. Pants And Black Shoes
15. Black Studded Shoes
16. Hotpants
17. Ripped Stocking
18. Blues
19. Black Belt (My Favorite)
20. Glasses
21. Accesories
22. Jeans Hotpants
23. Star Trek T-shirt
24. High Boots
25. Black
26. Cowboy Hat
27. Pink T-shirt
28. Lace Top
29. Horse
30. Skirt
31. Scarf
32. Black Wedges
33. Black Shoes
34. Cool
35. Leopard Tanktop
36. Black and White
37. Moschino
38. Bla.. Bla.. Bla..
39. Blue Shirt
40. Fashion Coolture (My Favorite)
41. Short Hair
42. White Shirt
43. Blazer
44. Simple
45. Postman Bag
46. Boots
47. Jeans
48. Mini Dress
49. Sequin Dress
50. Bodycon
51. Candy
52. Gold Bow Hairband
53. Old School Photog
54. Sexy
55. Long Sweater
56. Gold Vintage Necklace
57. Legging
58. Vintage Dress
59. Tights And Boots
60. Sweater

Source : Click here
What's your favorite ????


  1. lov military jacket!


  2. shredded top is my fav fashion item right now !!! thank for leave ur comment in my blog :D

  3. Hard Choice!!!! i love all of those. teeheee.. thx for comin my blog. <333

  4. Military jacket, I also do a military post on my blog... if you want visit me and bloglovin if you want follow me..

  5. nice choices!! Thanks for the comment ^^

    xox Cookie

    visit - follow - comment me<3

  6. nice choices! ^^ Thanks for the comment ^^

    xox Cookie

    visit-follow-comment me

  7. I love COCO CHANEL T-SHIRT =)
    and military jacket...


    Saludos from Spain.

  8. me too i love the military jacket
    I am glad to have found your blog, and thank you for the kind comment on mine!

    love your picks, beautiful pieces
    thanks for sharing
    love the blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the sweet comments, means the world


  10. it's easy to answer. i simply love all of themm! :D

  11. Wow that's a lot of pics - I love the military, the stripes, the high-waisted, the floral skirt, studded shoes...

    Too many to name!

    TEE & FAME x

  12. love it all!!! the glasses and gold bow esp :)
    vicki x

  13. gosh this post is fabulous! i love ALL of it! hahah. iya itu langman kkykna cuma kepake di blok ini doank, tp enak sih baca dr sana. ngerti bgt hahaha

  14. To All : Thanks you very much for your comments... Love you all...


  15. pretty pics !
    i love all of em !
    thx much for the comments in my blog .
    have a great weekend !

  16. ahhh iya bener co g thu temennya robby yg sodaranya bryan.. hehe. emg loe tmnnya robby atau bryan? hehe. atau loe ngekos di kosan robby jg?dunia memang sempit yahh! :) btw, love this post :D

  17. Michelle : Thx for your comment chell...

    Alviana : Vi... gw udh reply di Blog loe yah.. Nice to know U....

  18. In, si willy juga satu kos sama robby n bryan.yang artinya se kos juga sm km dan pacarmu. hihi.. tp dia suka pulang ke jkt klo udh mau weekend atau klo ga ada kelas. mknya mgkn ga nyadar kali lu, klo dia satu kos sm lu..hahahaha. g klo main ke kos nya dia, ga pernah liad lu!! hehehe.. nti deh kpn2 yah klo g kesitu lagi, soalnya g msh sekolah nh hehehe.. ada pin bb gak? :) nice to know u too..linked u back! followed u already. :D

  19. Nice work! :D
    My favourite is millitary jacket, coco chanel, skirt & t-shirt, flower dress, glasses and black & white, but everything is awesome! ;)


  20. lovely post!!! :)
    i love the blazer, floral dress, postman bag, blue shirt, leopard print. they're just awesome!

  21. Ada & Janet : Thanks for your comments...


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