Monday, July 20, 2009


Gw sama cowo gw emang suka bgt koleksi perfume and body mist, pokoknya yg wangi2 deh sampe lotion pun gw koleksi.... Apalg yg satu rangkaian wewangian ( lotion, shower gel, perfume, dll. ) heeemmm I Luv it....

Nah ini Body Mist gw ( Left to Right) White Musk Hot Summer Limited Edition and White Musk Chiffon Sheer.

And ini Body Lotion gw White Musk and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Naaah... ini beberapa koleksi Perfume gw.

Just Me By Paris Hilton

Love By Sex In The City

( Left to Right ) Pink Resort, Green Tea Elizabeth Arden, Oriflame Northern Light, Miss Lomani, Funtustic Benetton, Lignea Relative, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, Mariah Carey, The Body Shop Apple Blossom Limited Edition, The Body shop Oceanus, The Body Shop Hot Summer, CK One Summer, The Body Shop Set.

Dan ini Perfume cowo gw.

White Musk The Body Shop

B - United Jeans Benetton

( Left to Right ) Whisky Black, Iceberg Effusion, Benetton

Do You Have A Perfume Same With Us ?????

Which ????


  1. elisabeth arden's green tea : me and mom, SJP & bodyshop : me. u're really collecting, i mean, thats a lot of fragrances - well, for me. i normally just pick one or two and keep using them till the end :P

  2. Claradevi : Yes i'm freak perfume collector bebz. Thx for comment.

  3. hallo..sip ud di linked y =)
    waaaao itu parfumnya banyak banged.hehehe..
    klo parfum dr oriflame mau coba ngak? enak2 jg loh =) g jual..
    add fb g y? Jessica Mariman.. xD

  4. Jessica : Woow mau dooonk coba... Kemaren aku sempet coba oriflame yg northern light, yg terbaru dari oriflame itu klo gak salah Diamond Musk yah??? Mau coba donk say, how much bebz???xx.

  5. punya SJP ama body lotion white musk..
    sbnrnya aq punya bodymist,eau de toilette,bhkn sabunnya white musk body shop :D..wangi white musk enak bgt..hehehe

    hmm..ud coba miss dior yg blooming bouquet blom? itu wangii bgt jatuh cinta ama wanginya sejak pertama kali nyium :D..hehe

  6. wow that's a lot of perfumes and lotions :D

  7. Nalia rifika : Oh yah, harus dicoba itu. Thx ya info nya hohoho....

    Carol : Thx for your comment dear... :)

  8. eheheheh fb km apa? biar gampang ngomognya =) hehehehe...

  9. Jessica : So sorry dear, i don't have FB hohoho.... Via email aja ya say, gimana??? Thx.

  10. sipp.e-mail ku
    bisa skalian tuker nomer hp jg =)
    yea nambah kenal anak uph =)

  11. apparently no.. i don't.. but i like the smell of body shop's white musk though. my friend is a huge fan.. hahaha.. (:

  12. Talisha : Yeah My favorite White Musk and SJP. Oh ya heemmm regards to your friend key hohoho....Thx u Talisha...

  13. anyway, i really want to buy a new perfume.. what do you have in mind for me? i love something fresh, i love fruit scents, flowers too but not like lavender. i hate it.. i don't like something like white musk :P

  14. Carol : You must try Fruity:Clinique Happy & Moschino Funny.
    Flowery :Britney Spears Curious, Guess Gold, Hugo Boss Femme and Anna Sui Dolly Girl. Klo udh coba kbr2in yah dear hehehe,, gimana hasil dari rekomendasiku hohoho.... Thx u carol...

  15. i have just me by paris too. its sweet scent. coba hoops deh, ringan tapi manis :]

  16. Onic : Thx u onic I try hohoho....:)


  17. definitely white musk by body shop...!!emang enaak bgt ya ndha!tau nya kmu suka parfumes jg ya juga suka bgt.dulu jaman kul malah aku jual parfum juga...hehehe...sekarang aq lg suka marc jacob white daisy n dkny red delicious..

  18. Thyrza : Yes i know. Heemmm you have Limited Edition DKNY Red Delicious??? Thanks you kak for comment and Visit My blog.

  19. gw suka banget sama White Musk Hot Summer Limited Edition tuh, juga suka dloops, sushi,sour sally, wihihi... gw linked yaa

  20. Dindalicious : Thx for your comment. Yeah the same with me hohoho....

  21. im using the white musk summer edition also..isnt it lovely?
    because i love love it :)


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